That's a wrap! Nettie's ends COVID-19 related home delivery service

On March 20th, 2020, Nettie's Country Bakery closed it's doors to visiting members of the public, and announced the opening of a unique home delivery service called Gathered.

While grocery stores shelves were emptying out, Gathered worked with local producers to make sure that community members could keep their pantries stocked while also helping keep mom and pop stores afloat. As part of the service, Gathered raised money for food donations to local families in need.

That first weekend, members of the Nettie's team delivered over 200 local grocery orders out to the community, and donated dozens of their "FoodShares" to families in need. Over the coming weeks, the Gathered offering grew to include a full selection of pantry staples, including bread, coffee, eggs, milk, olive oil & vinegar, granola, produce, cheese, and even rice pudding - all produced within the local and regional economy. Within two months, the team was bringing out over 800 local grocery orders per delivery date.

Over the coming months, through Gathered, the Nettie's team would deliver around 8,000 local grocery orders, would circulate thousands of dollars back into the local economy, and would donate hundreds of FoodShares to families in need.

Exactly one year later, as the COVID-19 shutdown began to ease, and after Nettie's had reopened it's doors to the public, Gathered made it's final round of local deliveries. In all, the Nettie's team views its home delivery venture not merely as a temporary diversion from the "normal" way of doing business, but rather, as an unforgettable reminder of the power of community.