Our Favorite Holiday Tradition

Long before we opened our doors in 2014, Holiday Stollen was a Nettie’s staple. Every Christmas Eve, Joe would rise at the crack of dawn and start the baking process, using a recipe handed down through generations of bakers. The kids would join in as the morning wore on, and friends would stop by to lend a helping hand. Neighbors would pop in with a round of coffee or fresh eggs from their chickens (which worked wonders as a down payment for their own Holiday Stollen). As the Stollens were made, the small team would make batches of Aunt Anne’s Tea Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Cutout Cookies (some of our most popular items to this day). Finally, just as dusk approached and Christmas lights were switched on, the deliveries would be made - to happy friends and family throughout the area.

Today, we want all of you to be able to share in the joy of this tradition. Right here on our website, you can place an order for your own Holiday Stollen, or send some out to your friends and loved ones.