Our Story

While Nettie's officially opened it's doors in 2014, our story dates back much further than that. It's the culmination of years of experience, creative drive, and appreciation for the products of creativity, hard work, and persistence.

By the time he was in high school, the local bakery was the first place our owner, Joe, would head off to in the morning, and the last place he would be before heading home at night. As the hours and experience accrued, he developed an appreciation for the simple yet challenging act of creating something with one’s own hands. Knowing that everything was made in the way that felt “just right,” and just before opening, taking a step back and looking over what he had created: an array of freshly baked goods, but also a complete, meaningful experience.

Around that time he met Jeanette (Nettie). It was during their senior year of high school in Center Moriches to be exact, and they’ve been an influential part of the CM community ever since. Years after graduating both high school and college, they decided to open a string of “Hometown” bakeries. While successful, running the bakeries proved to be too time consuming as there were also 4 children to be raised. So Joe hung up the apron, and focused on his law practice while Nettie served as both an incredible mom, and a teacher for children with autism.

During this time, however, the urge to bake and create never ceased. Joe even turned his woodshed into a kitchen, and every Christmas, along with his children, he’d bake cookies and bread to be delivered to friends and family around town. Of course, no Christmas baking session was complete without talk of re-opening a bakery. And it’s that passion that led to the creation of Nettie’s.

When building the bakery, the same joy that came from the creation of handcrafted baked goods, together with a meaningful experience for those who visit, anchored the overall vision - to build something authentic, honest, and true. The baked goods at Nettie’s share the same inspiration born from the craftsmanship of the building: it’s steeped in tradition; it’s authentic, traditional, honest baking; it’s something that is all too difficult to find at your local supermarket or chain coffee shop today.

When people visit Nettie’s, they feel as though they’re stepping back in time. Nettie's is true to it's roots, and its that honesty and authenticity that keeps people coming back again and again.